The Company

PT. Internusa Food was founded on the mid 90s, Jakarta,  Indonesia.
It started from zero with no experience in the confectionery business.
In the 21st century, made a huge improvement,
competing with other confectionery industries.

We are still family and private owned.
Our products are currently export to

  • South-East Asia

  • Japan

  • Korea

  • Africa

  • Middle East














Supported by our research and development team,
today PT. Internusa Food has been producing
innovative candy products such as lollipops, hard
candies, center-filled hard candies and chewy candies.
Furthermore, we are currently producing bakery products such as layer cakes.
We are very much committed to continue in the development
of the most innovative food products in order to
expand our market share in food industries world-wide.



We are committed and care to the highest product
quality and safety standards. Our products are
made with the finest ingredients in order to achieve the
highest product quality and standards.We are also supported
by our internal quality control laboratories; we 
checked all raw materials and finished goods,
both chemically and microbiologically, before releasing
our products to market. We are very much concern
in maintaining the safety, health, taste, attractiveness
and convenience of our products. All our products are
produced according to the quality standards of the
Indonesian legislation (BPOM) as well as to general
safety regulations and industry standards.